SceneScene to use
SKUShade pattern to use
SKUScaleScale factor to use for Cellular SKUs that need to be 1" or 2"
StyleShade template to use
VSKUValance pattern to use
VStyleValance template to use
FSKUSKU for drapery finials
TSKUTape pattern to use
GSKUGimp pattern to use
GRSKUGrommet pattern to use
HRCOLORHeadrail Color
TSpaceSpacing between tape centers in inches
LHeightHeight of louvre in inches
TWidthWidth of the tapes in inches
WidthWidth of blind in inches
HeightHeight of blind in inches
PXX - Resolution of image in pixels
PYY - Resolution of image in pixels
QualityJPEG compression level (1 to 100) Note:this parameter will not be considered when caching.
Marginminimum margin around window frame in inches. 2.0 or greater recommended
OptMiscellaneous option
OpacityOpacity of the shade
WallPaint color for wall
ctrlControls Blind 1
ctrlControls Blind 2
ctrlControls Blind 3
MountMount type
Hinge ColorShutter Hinge Color
Tilt RodShutter Tilt Rod
Split TilterShutter Split Tilter
Divider RailShutter Divider Rail
Side FormatShutter Side Format
Divider Rail HeightShutter Divider Rail Height
WMAdd a Watermark to the image.
Render ServerSelect a particular render server.